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FightCovid allows for professionals to volunteer their expertise and skills for free, to help organisations and projects with their efforts against COVID-19. For example, a lawyer may help researchers to incorporate a legal entity to develop low cost ventilators whilst a developer may design a website for a local butcher to take their business online. The platform also aggregates resources available online.

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In the near future, our platform will host local challenges sponsored by corporations. We will create problem statements after speaking to local councils and hospitals to direct new projects towards meaningful and prioritised local problems. The best solutions will win the prize sponsored by corporations and the platform will receive a small commission to increase the sustainability of the website.


Our goal is to make sure that no UK initiatives tackling COVID-19 are left behind, just because they lack the expertise or support they need for their ideas to develop, grow and flourish. We want to support 5,000 local projects and onboard over 200,000 volunteers by June. After the pandemic, the website will remain focused on crowdsourcing solutions to local community challenges.



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