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The Open Creative Alliance (OCA)
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Priorities for projects

  1. Damage mitigation - tracking for awareness of risk, ventilator manufacture, safety precautions for spreading/catching, support for NHS staff and families.
  2. Cultural Shift - hygiene standard adaption, cultural norm breaking, risk assessments, preparedness, understanding.
  3. Sensemaking - common resources, open data, fast distilling of concepts, direction of efforts, organisation of solutions.
  4. Societal Support - guidance through fear and panic, comfort for loss, distraction from disease.

Rough Ideas

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ordered in priority


Support for the most in need
Elderly nearby needing resources

These kinds of pools need massive exposure to the mutual aid groups.

  1. Could we create a video or some engaging content to be shared so people know this is available?
Health Care support
Hospital Spillover
  • We could be looking into potential areas that could be commandeered to act as potential spaces for hospitals to spill over to if things get bad.
    • Airplanes have reclinable chairs and oxygen masks and all of them will be grounded. how could we show this idea.
NHS staff
  1. They are going to be hit hardest by this. How can businesses and people support them in every possible way? Dropping them there and back from the hospital (ideally immune)
  2. How can we inspire restaurants to make them food and get it to them?
  3. How can we record the needs of the hospitals and broadcast them to the local communities so they can bring them whatever resource they need?
Hospital Resources Desperate plea for protective equipment
  • We need to find out if theres any hospital resource links
Support for wider society
Mental health support
How can we grieve together?
How to mitigate loneliness


A campaign to get people to share their negative feelings with the world so others don't feel alone in their suffering or sadness.

  • Creative calls to inspire ideas.
  • Chat roulette for creatives based on similar interests
Second Chance manifesto

Create an online collaborative manifesto of things you vow to do when the lockdown has fully passed. eg

  • go out to gigs alone
  • hug more
  • Make a rota for friends I don't talk to much
  • Video call when I can
  • Say yes to events
  • Make effort with new neighbours
Sense Making through video
Inspirational Shorts
  • We need to inspire others to use the time they have right now to help in mitigating disasters.
Scientist discussion filtered

The pandemic is changing at a record pace. The science cannot keep up and the public are often behind on the information or

Scientists debate a topic around a subject (policy debate ect)
This debate is recorded and uploaded
The debate is watched by many who then take tag and take notes of important bits, create snippets of info with edited video for social, turn them into bits of written content, posters ect. store the findings as a resource.

Artistic collection of experiences

Inspiration to take up the call
  • Generational poetic inspiration to take on the problems facing us like they would in WW2. change the mindset from apathy and disregard to empowerment and purpose.
Safety precautions
Online tool for calculating the risk to your family members
  • Input the health conditions of the family members
  • Answer questions on the activities of each (professions, activity in lockdown, work situation)
  • Basic info on location, number of members in household ect.

Creates a suggestions for the level of precautions each family member should take around the house. Suggests things they could be doing to protect vulnerable family members.

We need mass education super fast in bitesize pieces of content for people to share and absorb

  • precautions to take
  • how to quarantine those at risk of having it in the house.
  • how to disinfect deliveries
  • how to change habits of touching common surfaces
Virus prepeartion shopping list

For those in countries behind the curve we should collaborate on a shopping list for them to prepare themselves

  1. how do we make sure the people that have access to the list will not use it to profit from others?
Propaganda protection

OCA specific

Member database
  1. How can we create an open source database where members can easily add their info/skills/ect - typeform embed?
  2. How do we filter the members based on their level of commitment and capacity so they are assigned roles.
Project database
  1. What is the best means of creating a project database that's accessible to others to edit.
  1. Whats the best approach in creating a channel for informative information on the pandemic.
Main connection points to projects
  • We need to begin centralising the links to all projects out there that are fighting the pandemic in some way. We can start with the ones that would make the biggest impact and go looking for other central links.
  • We need to figure out what the best process is for organisations to share their knowledge, resources, networks ect together.


Data openness
  • One major problem currently being faced is the sharing of data between organisations. hospitals, tracking apps, ect ect
  1. How can we create a framework for those to share data between eachother and for resources and projects to combine their efforts?
Needs/Demand Mismatch
  • huge issue with getting the right resources to the right places.
  • People hoarding food would likely give it to vulnerable if they were aware they needed it and could give it easily.
  • Service workers need their kids looked after.
  • Hospital supplies are in high demand of items that others might have hoarded before (rubbing alcohol ect)


Ideas or Tasks


Working Projects

Problems and Solutions

NameContactDescriptionWide ViewLinkProgressRelated to Ideas and Tasks (Property)AreaTagsRelated to Roles and Jobs (Property)SourceEdited
Orphic Virtual Festival
An online festival community and platform that better represents a more human social interaction in the virtual and allows for creativity to be expressed with others.
In Action
Aug 27, 2020 5:22 PM
Fight Covid UK
A platform for connecting volunteers with covid projects in the UK
In Action
May 18, 2020 2:48 PM
#StayAtHome - Creative & Collab
A global campaign to get people to stay in their homes so they can save lives. It will act as a platform in many low income countries that gives socially relevant content about the dangers and precautions around covid19.
In Action
May 18, 2020 2:48 PM
Pandemic Volunteers
An online connecting service for volunteers to help in tangible areas of need. Supporting health systems, the vulnerable and other aid groups.
In Action
May 4, 2020 9:51 AM
The Nice List
A simple resource redirection web that allows neighbours to show what they have so they can share food and items in their community. It also gives tips and calculators for people to better plan their shopping habits.
May 21, 2020 6:04 PM
Quaranteam Movement
A project getting those quarantined into supportive groups to help protect their mental health in isolation.
May 18, 2020 2:48 PM