Quaranteam Movement


We are giving tech companies a call to arms. Ethicist perspective and they are bringing that. We also have psychologists, philosophers, researches etc. informing our stance on messaging, meaning making and tool innovation.

We're working directly with major tech companies like Netflix and Facebook to write their internal strategies on how to do this. Alongside some stellar partners/organisations like Center for Humane Technology and people like Tristan Harris.


We're focused on three things sequentially 1 – Social proof campaign of quarantining 2 – Supporting the creation of Quaranteams (local/digital support networks w resources) 3 – Humanizing the experience of quarantine


Roles and Jobs

NameFurther DescriptionPriorityProblems&SolutionsAreaProject ContactCommitment
Web and UI designer
Graphic Designer


a) graphic design (social posts) + simple gif animations [daily cycle] b) infographic design [1-2 this week] c) document design [pdf design for forming a Quaranteam]


Quarantine Together