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Hoarding is an undesirable but predictable outcome of a lockdown and a society raised on self preservation. People don't want to keep food from those vulnerable they only are looking to protect their families.

Therefore if we have a way of collating all food requests from mutual aid groups in an area this would mean regular whatsapp messages could be sent to the local community with a list of the necessary supplies to be picked up and redelivered to the elderly.

FOR community-minded people

WHO want to shop and share food in a “village economy”

THE NICE LIST is a super smart tool to help people understand the food they need and access that food in a self-sufficient, sustainable way


  • food waste apps (Olio, Too Good To Go) - we help individuals, neighbourhoods and cities achieve food security, not only by minimising the food we waste but by maximising access to nutritious food for everyone
  • food charities (Foodbank AU, Trussell Trust UK) - we take an egalitarian, de-centralised view of food distribution from the perspective of “everyone can give to everyone” rather than “have and have-not”
  • big supermarkets (Tesco, Walmart, Coles) - we create a safe, transparent, non-competitive way to shop



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