The Open Creative Alliance  (OCA)

The Open Creative Alliance (OCA)

Our generational global test is upon us. We must imagine, create, support and collaborate together on mass. We shall overcome.



A global alliance of creatives, leaders, technologists and makers that have taken up the call to mitigate the disasters, define new possibilities and create channels for mass participation.

What is happening?

We are in the midst of the meta-crisis. The current systems for our world are unsuitable for protection or adaption and their vulnerabilties have been exposed. We must transition society in a short time toward a more resilient and consciously designed alternative to withstand the complexity of the next 10 years.

Our world needs creative solutions.

What can we do?

We can distill and showcase the most robust solutions to a wider audience of people so they can achieve traction, acceptance and implementation on a larger scale. These could range from being practical, economic, social or cultural.

We can act as a channelling force for all those looking to direct their talents towards this projects with purpose. Creating open and flexible organisational structures to usher in a new age of mass alignment, collaboration and resource sharing.

We can inspire a dramatic shift in our cultural mindset to bring full scale participation around supporting and protecting what we value most. Guiding the transition of our psyche and systems, through the pain and loss of what was, into a productive, united and compassionate front.

How can we do this?

We will:

  • Learn about the problems using systems for sharing, referencing, debating and clarifying. A hive mind of collective understanding needed to ensure our solutions are based on the facts and any relevant and true information is assimilated.
  • Share our ideas, resources, knowledge, networks and talents in the pursuit of solutions.
  • Discuss the ideas we generate, remove our own egos from the mix and decide on which to take forward.
  • Combine our skills to demonstrate the solutions to a wider audience. Backed by open validation and research.
  • Visualise potential solutions for further traction.
  • Form teams to implement these ideas.
  • Be active in collaboration from other groups and organisations. Breaking down silos and sharing openly.
  • Iterate our process for wartime speed, efficiency and awareness.


Vision - The ideal state

Concept - The clear visualisation of the ideal

Action - The process and operations needed to achieve it

Knowledge - The understanding to back up the action

Network - The collaboration with other entities in common pursuit



We can be connected via a slack group and facebook group to cover both channels but stay interlinked. The form below is where people can add their details to a larger database where others can see their skills, collected information links and connections.

With Facebook

Ideas or projects can be put forward either from those in the group or outside where they can be read and commented on. Here we share updates, projects and ideas.

With Slack

Main debate and discussion can go on here. Slack will be more suited around the sense making arena, individual conversation and operations. Slack would be fully global.

With Notion

Notion (this) can be used as a shared database of resources, operations, people and project details. Whatever is shared should on a group should also be referenced in an organised way within Notion so it can be accessed at any time by others.

Solution Showcase

When a concept has been chosen we will go through the information that needs to be shared and work to distill it to the wider public in ways that can be understandable and engaging.

Each time we present a new solution or idea we refine our process for its presentation.

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